Aanika Biosciences Signs Research Collaboration with The University of Miami

Aanika Biosciences has entered into a research collaboration with The
University of Miami. The purpose of the collaboration is to enable
Aanika to better deliver cutting-edge traceability and detection
technologies to its customers, primarily in the food and agriculture
industries. Aanika will be working with its two advisory board
members: Dr. Sapna Deo and Dr. Sylvia Danuert of the Department of
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and leveraging their expertise in
building biological devices.

Aanika Biosciences designs microbial spore-based tags which can help track products throughout the supply chain. Spores are more robust than other “naked” DNA-based tags and are the perfect chassis to deliver other functions such as detection or biocontrol. Aanika is challenging companies to re-think traceability, not only to ensure quality but to mitigate recall risk. Aanika recently partnered with Protera Bio to tap into the power of artificial intelligence to unlock even more value from its microbial tags.

Aanika was founded in 2018 by Vishaal Bhuyan and Dr. Ellen Jorgensen.