How to Survive 80+ Hours of Programming Every Week
Saul Costa

Man, this what you wrote is crazy. Maybe it looks like you are doing great job for your body and mind with all of these things but after few years it will crash you and it will be too late to recover easy from it.

“Simulating light”, sleeping 5 hours, “resting one eye while pushing other”, “30 minutes of going out per day”, I mean, I am just speechless. What is next putting your self in a matrix state so your brain can be used just for generating code and it doesn’t spend it’s power for body movement functions or anything else??? What extreme conditions you are willing to put yourself trough for making some product? Is it worth of your life? You don’t see consequences of this torture now but sooner or later it will catch up with you :(

Maybe better solution would be to work smarter instead of harder, maybe to do it slower, maybe to find somebody sharing your idea and willing to work on it with you so you are not one and only. There are plenty of ways but IMHO you choose the worst solution. All points described are just workarounds, short term solutions, cheats. Sooner or later you will start noticing huge flaw in design of this approach. I just hope sooner. Good luck with everything

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