Deploy anything to web in under 3 minutes

A friend of mine once told me about a company called Zeit and how they were developing awesome open-source products with a team full of brilliant developers. It took me a lot of time to really search about what Zeit is actually doing and I decided to try Now, a single command that can deploy your JavaScript (Node.js) or your Docker powered application to web in a couple minutes.

How to get started

You can either download Now or you can simply install it using npm:

npm install -g now

Once you installed it you can just type now in the command line interface and if it’s your first time running this command it will ask you for an e-mail for the login.

Deploying Node API’s

If you want to deploy a Node.js API that uses Express, Koa or even Micro (used for this example) you just need to add some lines to your package.jsonfile and you will be ready to go:

And if you run nowyou will see an output like this:

And as you can see, my simple application is now deployed under a random and unique URL that I can use to share with my co-workers or anyone that might help me testing it.

This is definitely one of the best things about Now! Generating a unique URL for every deploy can help you keeping record about different versions and making sure that a specific URL is the last version of your web application.

With Now all your deployments will be served over HTTP2 protocol and over secured connections!

But, what if I want a more user-friendly URL?

After deploying and testing your application, you probably will want to share it as a more friendly URL, right?

For that, just type:

$ now alias RANDOM_GENERATED_URL your_alias_here

And you will get something like this as a response:

If you want to use an external domain name as an alias, check this link.

And if you want to deploy a simple website or a more robust application using a Dockerfile explore this page.

Checking the project source code

As I’m using the free plan of Now, all of my deployments have by default a _srcpath that shows the complete project source code, as you can see at

Another cool feature on viewing the code source is that you can highlight parts of your code and share the URL that points directly to those lines:

Awesome, right?

Try it yourself!

I think you should give a try to Zeit and Now (they do have more products, for example Hyper, which is awesome!), and if you want more details about how to use Now and other cool features about it, check their official docs.

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