Who Are We, Where Are We Going?

Part 1: Energizer

Having to go to my sister’s marching band concerts ended up paying off every time because I got to hear the drum line play . Now, it’s my turn to play my part so I can inspire others to take my route if they choose. Being on the snare line at prospect is highly beneficial because it gives me a big group of friends right from the start of high school. Also, when you play in front of your classmates, you feel the amount of energy pouring in from the crowd. At heart, I’m truly part of the drum line.

Part 2: Pie Charts Based on Me

Part 3: Being a drummer and a general musician, I am drawn to other things in music that I deem “cool”. The upcoming video is a drum video from WGI 2015. Now unless you’re a percussive super nerd, you aren’t going to now what the heck WGI even stands for. Well, what is debatably lucky for you, you happen to have a percussive super nerd at you’re disposal.

WGI or Winter Guard International is a competition in which drum corps from all around the world come to test their skills against each other. Drum corps are groups mainly made up of a drum line and a front ensemble.

Continuing on, the video you’re about to watch is a drum corps called Cavaliers Indoor Percussion or the much more awesome name, Green Thunder. This is their 2015 performance in the WGI finals titled “Send In the Clowns”. Though it is weird, is inspiring to me for there are people I know performing within it, as well as the fact that I hope to try out for this drum corps in October. For now, though, send in the clowns.


Part 4: Picture taken at 9 p.m. on Friday. Location: Prospect Football Game.

Part 5: A video of me doing something that I not only have to do extremely often, but something that I genuinely enjoy doing: drumming.


Part 6:

Before being a drummer, I was a saxophone player with a dream to become the best. Charlie Parker really helped me create that dream because he came from nothing and ended up creating an entirely new genre of music: Bebop.

In addition to Charlie Parker, John Coltrane also helped me form the dream to be a great player. Coltrane was someone who out in the hours for what he wanted and this is something that I take with me into my everyday life.

Dave Weckl is my final person of inspirational value. When I first heard him play, it was as if I had seen a miracle take form. The amount if skill this man had on a drum kit was astonishing to the point where I couldn’t think of how I would ever reach that point and to this day, I still am not one hundred percent sure if I ever will. Luckily, I was actually able to meet him and drum with him in real life. It felt pretty crazy to know that I was playing with someone so talented and to this day I still treasure that moment. To get to the point, he taught me that 10,000 hours is the total amount of work that you have to put in to truly master an instrument, so that is what I will always be working towards.

Part 7: My quote to live by is from an author named Robert Frost.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

-Robert Frost

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