the start

a friend sent me a link to someone’s blog, and i decided to begin another blog (this may be my third or fourth- i’ve lost count, and all the urls are lost in the cyberweb). it happens to be new years day, but i’d like to think i would start another goal any other day of the year. i’m trying to be less symbolic like that.

this is a way to keep myself accountable. i do a lot of talking, but there’s not a lot of action that comes with that. i read somewhere that once you talk about a goal, you’re less likely to act towards it, so here begins the year in which i shut my mouth and start typing more.

goals- not resolutions:

write everyday. i have some graphic design/photography blogs that i abandoned because there’s no way i can upload something every day. i also let regular blogs fall to the side because i was too lofty in my goals and too subpar in my writing, then i would get distracted by the widgets. medium seems simplistic and a way to deal with that issue. a year from now, i want to be able to see what i’ve done in 2018.

read a news article or listen to a podcast everyday. stuff i know nothing about. more stuff you should know, less daily mail on snapchat.

learn definitively from my mistakes, and get less embarrassed about them. hopefully make fewer, though that may be aiming too high.

be able to juggle multiple pressures at once.

get a better body. i passed out on the 29th, threw up thrice yesterday, and lost my appetite for 3 days straight. i have self-diagnosed myself with the norovirus (with help from WebMD). beyond this, i’d like to go to the gym and not be bored or in so much pain.

do something that makes myself uncomfortable everyday. i’ve begun doing this during freshman year, and it’s done wonders for me socially. it’s off-putting in the beginning, but i credit more good things than bad from this rule.

lose fewer things.

keep figuring out photography. also, find something to do with this new skill. see if i can convince my sister to make her food blog more appetizing.

remember the black box model. looking at a finished product, you can’t gauge the effort and resources that went into it. quit lamenting their successes, and work towards your own. more emails, linkedin messages, texts: do not be afraid of pressing send.

cut out losses and waste no time: sometimes it’s sad. recognize the sadness, and more importantly, move on.

happy 2018.