Just a note, this pattern will bite you in Server Side Rendering, as the `useEffect` is not run there, the rendered markup wont contain data from the children. Calling `setState` of parent without `useEffect` will probably work, but React prints red warning that you should not do it for a good reasons. Long story short, there is currently no way to pass data from children to the parent, that will work during Server Side Rendering.

One of the greatest achievements of human kind was invention of text, which allowed us to record our history, which, later studied by great minds, allowed us to gather foreign, past experiences and take enlightenment from it.

First, there was a only a talking, verbal stories, recorded in human brain…

People are victims of their observation. One can achieve anything he wants, but first you need to realize your possibilities, and that is the problem.

Setting a goal is for many people the most failure part of their live. They do not see that there is opportunity to improve. Partly because they are blind, partly because they do not want to. Then they deserve their poor situation.

You have to constantly improve your goals, because the possibilities of everyone of us are higher with every new invention, every new day.

Man can achieve everything he wants, but he must not take it for any price.

Once you know what you want, you must take it with honesty. That is the only known way to keep it and to start building new higher level upon it.

We take as granted, that everything has a sense. Sense is important esence of our every days life, our motivation, our reason for being. Sense is your answer to eternal question: “Why?”.

As every parent sure know, the complexity of the answer grows with every new Why?, …

Vaclav Novotny

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