Quality of foreign experience

One of the greatest achievements of human kind was invention of text, which allowed us to record our history, which, later studied by great minds, allowed us to gather foreign, past experiences and take enlightenment from it.

First, there was a only a talking, verbal stories, recorded in human brain and reproduced. There are two problems. Our memory lacks precision and our speech differs according to our mood.

The text remained exact. One could concentrate on the act of writing and the communication is then complex and could be read over and over again, which mean, it is more accessible in terms of understanding as well as widespread of knowledge.

Many centuries later, we have photographs and movie pictures, which catches much more informations in easily sharable way. It does not need symbols to encode the information, the reality is simply captured. Its not suitable for abstract thoughts, but it very precisely preserve state of the reality in time of taking the pictures, which is somehow better than text, since author of text kind of polluted the abstract image with personal thoughts.

And now, we have internet, connecting all people like you and me. It always surprised how we are willing to share our everyday life with the network. But it might feel like you wont be forgotten. And you wont. That is for sure. Cloud never forgets.

You can utilize text, audio and video to spread experiences in real-time and other people can educate from that. And not only people. It's also very useful for training a machines. To understand the mankind as the whole. And once we will start using quantum computers, this data will be extremely powerful.

This learning from the past is the paddle of our development. One could live like thousand lives and educate from all of them. This really helps us to improve ourselves and to understand each other. These are the true values of the internet. It increases the quality of foreign experience to all of you.


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