The non-sense in chasing sense

We take as granted, that everything has a sense. Sense is important esence of our every days life, our motivation, our reason for being. Sense is your answer to eternal question: “Why?”.

As every parent sure know, the complexity of the answer grows with every new Why?, because you have to think in bigger scale and longer timespan.

It’s easy to say why I took the breakfast before a minute. Because I was hungry. Why? Because I slept and did not eat for some time. Why? Because people need to eat and need to sleep. Why? Because every animal works that way. Why? Because its our nature. Why? Because kohlrabi! And stop asking.

Long sequence of Why? could possibly lead to eternal questions about meaning of life and cosmos. But should we seek some sense there? Is it reasonable to ask why cosmos exists? One might easily slip to wrong conclusion.

Take the religion for example. It acts like break-out from Why? loop. For any complicated Why? question, there is always an answer: “Because God!”. And Why there’s God? Because God! And stop asking.

Actually, I think that God exists because people can’t stand, that there are some generally unanswered Why? questions, so they bring in fellow, man-like, but much more powerful, buddy, who knows all the answers and will tell you in event you are dead. If you believe in such buddy, you certainly feel better, because now the answers aren’t unanswered, the buddy knows, but didn’t tell yet.

The religious people are particularly very busy with chasing the sense everywhere. Lastly I mistakenly read some religious discus on the internet and one user reason with other about some quote from the Bible about Jesus. Both users found their sense in that quote and both wasn’t able to look at it from the others point of view. I wanted to jump into discussion with message “Can’t you see, that booth meanings are equally possible and equally useless? For Christ sake!”, but I rather left them alone to their silly altercation.

It just don’t makes sense to search for sense everywhere. Better take things as-is. Don’t project into stone your human thinking. The stone is much happier being a stone, for he don’t have to solve virtual and strictly subjective problems with sense and justice.

Let the stone be the stone, let other people live their lives and let your life and life of your relatives have the deepest sense for you and stop your chasing for sense there!

The end.



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