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Creation is the Birthplace of Inspiration

Creation is the birthplace of inspiration, not the other way around.

It’s a common misconception that inspiration and passion arise from consuming the work of others and waiting for lightning to strike. It’s perceived as luck; we’re cemented in a ‘right time, right place’ mentality. Unfortunately, this won’t get us anywhere. We can be motivated by seeing the success of our peers, but to be inspired we must act. Inspiration is a product of seeing, questioning, and doing. Inspiration comes not to those who wait, but those who work. It cannot be found in the external world, only created within ourselves.

Our perspective, the lens through which we view the world, impacts our ability to create. This lens determines what we see, how we see it, what we question about it, and the value we assign it. Our environment, our experiences, and our emotions are all examined through this lens and, as a result, become intrinsically intertwined in our creations. Our life and our art are inseparable, no matter how hard we may try to pull them apart. This is why you cannot sit back and admire others’ creations and expect to become inspired — their work is not a response to your life or to your art, but their own. You must create the meaning to impart within your own work. You must create your inspiration.

More often than not, our inspiration is created through a discussion or questioning of ourselves and our surroundings. If you’re feeling stuck, swap lenses; approach something from a different angle, with a new mindset, or with a new goal and just start. Great work is not the result of inspiration, inspiration is the child of work.

Don’t look for inspiration, work and create it. Work hard, inspire yourself, and, most importantly, enjoy the journey.

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