• Michael Rose Atlanta

    Michael Rose Atlanta

  • Oldřich Vykydal

    Oldřich Vykydal

  • Michele Price

    Michele Price

    Futurist, Leadership Coach focused on all decision-making tables be 75% women #FierceSelfKnowledge https://growbusiness.lpages.co/its-both-podcast

  • David Boone

    David Boone

  • IBM Developer

    IBM Developer

    Open source, code patterns, tutorials, meet-ups, challenges, mentoring, and a global coding community — all in one place.

  • peter ferko

    peter ferko

    Business & IT enthusiast, consultant, CEO, enterpreneur, sports & nature lover

  • Micah Stubbs

    Micah Stubbs

    all things #d3js #threejs #WebVR #datavis @h2oai

  • John Lillywhite

    John Lillywhite

    Digital Transformation, Governance & Future Tech

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