It’s rather uncalled for for you to bemoan the “propaganda” targeting BitMain and then spin your…
Alex B.

Drak is consulting Adam Back from the beginning of this conflict.
I asked Drak if he is Shaolinfry publicly, he avoided answering me, for a good reason.
I have the hat you published its picture in your original post. It was made by Samson Mow. It has his twitter handle on it.
AntBleed website was created by Drak.
ASICBoost BS-storm was published and initiated by Maxwell. Later he used it to push for UASF (CoinDesk article). Yes, I know he objects the more extreme version (BIP 148).
Blockstream people keep pushing towards UASF, your series of Medium posts will attest to it.
UASF is reckless and will cause chain split. You can call it fear mongering, but it is the truth.
I will keep objecting and work to undermine chain splits attempt.
I did it when Classic almost won (people are forgetting what happened in the beginning of 2016), you can look for my medium post about it.
No amount of bullshit “game-theory behind Bitcoin” will help core minority chain to survive post split.
You and other hardliners like you will need to learn to compromise, or they will setback Bitcoin and crypto space years back.
No amount of propaganda will change it.

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