UASF: User Driven Protocol Development
Alex B.

I consider myself core supporter. I would like to see Bitcoin development continue to be done by “Core” and not “hijacked” by another team(s).

I also support Core planned capacity increase road-map, with some updates needed due to the time elapsed since it was published (1.5 years)
UASF is a reckless planned move by Blockstream and Drak, from the initial post of “Shaolinfry”.

The ASICBoost BS-gate, AntBleed BS-gate and other such propaganda moves were carefully planned over the last months to steer public opinion against Bitmain and the rest of the big blockers.
I condemn such moves and I don’t believe that the goal justify the means.
I believe that UASF will result in a chain split, which afterwards will cause Core chain to be irrelevant and eliminated. I don’t believe Bitmain will attack the minority chain, but someone most probably will, due to ideological or financial reasons.
Bitmain Technological (SHA256 ASICs) and financial advantage is so big, and getting bigger with each passing day. There is not other outcome to UASF, but complete eradication of Core chain post split.
I call upon the hardliners in Core to reconsider their position and agree to try and find a compromise. Several good suggestions were purposed over the last months.

Guy Corem
ex-CEO of Spondoolies-Tech

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