Remote Year Month #11 in Review: Argentina + Colombia

Happy new year!! December was quite a different month on Remote Year for me. While the group headed to Bogota for the whole month, I opted to spend most of it in Buenos Aires and Cordoba. After more than 10 months on the road, I wanted to try working remotely a little closer to my family. Although I didn’t have the conventional Remote Year workspace, or events, we created replacements, and introduced Family Co-working and Family Weekend Tracks.

2018 has by far been the most different year of my life, and it wouldn’t have been possible without taking the leap and joining Remote Year. I am grateful for the encouragement I received from friends, family and colleagues to embark on this experience, that has led to immense personal and professional growth. As the program soon comes to an end, I will be sharing a larger reflection of the year away at the end of January.

Wish you all a wonderful start to 2019 and hope you enjoy some of the scenery and family pictures below.

A bit on Buenos Aires: If you haven’t yet visited, I hope you do so in the future! I may be biased as I was born there, but the city is truly incredible. There are many touristy sites to visit such as Caminito, Puerto Madero, Santelmo and Palermo to name a few. However, the interesting thing about BA is that you can find a lot of locals in most of these places too. The city has significant European influence, which is exhibited both in its architecture and culture. For example, the quality and volume of Gelato shops rivals that of Italy. Although the government and the economy are generally in flux, the city always maintains its lively culture and beauty. And… don’t forget the steak and wine!

A bit on Capilla del Monte: Located within the province of Cordoba, in Argentina, Capilla del Monte has breathtaking scenery to visit. With many mountains to climb and numerous nature paths, it is a small town full of adventuring possibilities. I visited Los Terrones, Las Gemelas and the Cerro Uritorco while there. Much of the ground in the area contains white quartz, so as you explore, there are beautiful rocks all around. The town is known for its crystal magic and many visitors claim to have seen UFOs, and even fairies. I personally did not see either :P

A bit on Villa de Leyva: After Buenos Aires and Cordoba, I headed to Colombia for a few days, to explore and meet back up with the group. A number of individuals decided to spend Christmas in Villa de Leyva, a small town about 3.5 hours away from Bogota. It is such a cute town, with gorgeous views of mountains and traditional cobble roads. They also cover the streets in lights for the holidays, which was so beautiful to see. There are also many hikes which can be done, but after so much exploring in Argentina and long travels, it was nice to spend the time relaxing with friends.

A bit on Bogota: After the 2.5 days in Villa de Leyva, came 2.5 days in Bogota. Staying in a place for such a short amount of time made me feel like a tourist! Day 1 in Bogota was spent going up Monserrate on the funicular, exploring Candelaria, Plaza Bolivar and visiting the Gold Museum. Day 2 consisted of visiting the We Work co-working space as well as exploring the cute shops and restaurants around El Retiro. It was a jam-packed end to the month!

Adieu for now!

For those that are reading this, whether you are family, friends, colleagues or someone that stumbled upon this post, I hope my blogging is interesting to you. There is more to come, so if there is anything you want to know more (or less) about, please feel free to comment below!