Democratizing Data with Dremio… and Narwhals!

I’m excited to announce today that Norwest Venture Partners has led a $25M Series B investment round in Dremio, a company reimagining analytics for modern data… with the help of the cutest new mascot in Silicon Valley (more on that later).

Imagine for a moment that you are a marketing analyst at a tire company. Your boss wants you to analyze same store tire sales over the last few years, the impact of weather on those sales, and decide when and whom to target a new tire sale promotion. You’ve got some work to do that needs data. Now, imagine waiting 3 weeks to get the sales data, the weather data and the customer purchase history that you need to do your job. <BANG HEAD ON WALL 🤦🏽‍>

Dremio is using a fundamentally new approach to dramatically simplify this painful process that is all too common to analysts across a wide range of industries today. Dremio empowers a business user to curate precisely the data they need, join data from different sources, and then query that data with extremely fast performance, avoiding the need for complicated and expensive alternatives such as ETL jobs, data cubes, or BI extracts. This helps customers across all industries make big data feel small and discover the insights needed to run a truly data-driven business. <FIST BUMP FROM YOUR BOSS 👊🏽>

Much has been written about how the exponential growth in data, but in the wake of this trend, the quantity of big data tools has exploded: data lakes, data prep, data normalization, data integration, data transformation, and data catalogs, just to name a few. Customers are struggling to integrate all these products together and this commonly results in stalled big data projects. Oftentimes, analysts are frustrated as they wait for IT or their data engineering team to provide them access to the data they need. Dremio fixes this by democratizing access to data in a truly self-serve manner.

OK, back to NARWHALS. Three fun facts about these cute mammals:

  1. Narwhals are the unicorns of the sea (far better than being the chicken of the sea),

2. they can dive to depths up to 1,800 meters, and

3. their unicorn-like tusk is actually an enlarged tooth with sensory capabilities and can grow up to 9 feet long!

Behind the cute mascot are two big data veterans who founded Dremio, Tomer Shiran and Jacques Nadeau. They witnessed firsthand the struggles faced by customers like the one described above and set out to chart a better path forward. I’m excited to partner with them, along with Lightspeed Venture Partners and Redpoint Ventures, to rethink self-serve data analytics for the enterprise.

For more information, visit and Follow us on twitter @dremiohq and @vcrama.