How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization
David Hopkins

Interesting point of view. However:

  • I for one didn’t dislike Ross at first. I rooted for him, I wanted him to end up with Rachel, I felt bad for him for all the bad things that happened to him. Until I had grown up and watched the entire show a few times and I realized that Ross was a jerk. He was pompous, pretentious, and he always thought he was right. He was immature, he overreacted, and he liked to put others down. Just because you’re intelligent doesn’t mean you’re not stupid. All his degrees and academia couldn’t save him from being an idiot.
  • In regards to his relationship with Rachel, you say he could have done better. Well I think Rachel could have done way better than that jealous prick. Ross was creepy and possessive, but because he was a «sweet nerd» we were made to feel compassion for him and root for him. And have you forgotten about the time when Ross was trying to decide between Rachel and Julie, and he made a list comparing then both, on which he wrote that one of Rachel’s cons was that she was «just a waitress»? Have you completely overlooked how selfish and mischievous he was when he lied to her about annuling his marriage to Rachel just so he wouldn’t have three divorces? and what about the time he saw Rachel dancing naked in her apartment, automatically interpreted it as her wanting to have sex with him, and showing up at the apartment unanmouced? Oh yes, poor poor nerd… if the show should be accused of anything is of making us ignore all those behaviours and regarding Ross just as lovable, of perpetuating white male entitlement.
  • I don’t see you commenting on how Joey, on the other hand, was ridiculed for not being smart, or Monica’s borderline obsessive-compulsive behaviour being regarded as funny, or Phoebe’s difficult past being just a randomized series of unfortunate events inserted occasionally for a bit of funny weirdness.
  • Ross’s only redeeming quality, in my opinion, was that he was a decent father.
  • Personally, I think you give too much credit to the show for civilization’s downfall. It was supposed to be a nice show about a group of friends talking about their lives and jobs and relationships over coffee, it was supposed to be funny and relatable and make you feel better about your life. They weren’t expecting the show to become the phenomenon it turned into, but it did. Because the audiences turned it into one; because we enjoyed it, we relished it, we needed it. It became an escape, from our daily lives, our problems. It was an escape from society. I’m sorry to inform you but society was already on a tailspin. It always has been.
  • So you see, the problem with Friends as a whole is not so much that it was a silly show, but that it became a beloved worldwide phenomenom that had many attempted copycats. Copycats that tried and failed to achieve that level of charming ingenuity. And now we’re up to our necks in silliness.
  • Now watch the Big Bang Theory and tell me if you think nerds should be proud of that «representation», and explain to me how that show is still on the air. That show, trust me, is full of Rosses. Let me know if you still think he’s an «unsung hero».
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