Skills To Teach Our Children.

Recently, I've been thinking of what skills we should be teaching our children as soon as they are born. I think primary school is good to learn the basics that we all need: reading, writing, math, social skills. Its upto us as parents to provide a second education at home. I would like to share with you a list of skills I will pushing onto my children.

Learning every important computer language there is. Every child should be learning this from an early age. Its criminal that schools are not already doing this.

Maybe not as important, as trading by that time will all be done via HFT and Bots. Coding might be able to give them the skills they need to write these Bots. However, knowing how to trade and how the stock market works, might be helpful.

Startups / Entrepreneurship.
Another one that baffles me why schools aren't teaching this already. I want my child to learn these the important skills that are associated with Startups and Entrepreneurship. We need to cultivate a generation that uses their imagination to create new companies and technologies. Instead, of just being satisfied with a normal, day job. Also, experimenting with startups at a young age and failing provides some priceless experience and character building.

Robert Greene Books.
Definitely my favourite author. His books will teach you so much about life and how people work. Need to absorb this knowledge into your brain at a young age. I will be playing audiobooks of Robert Greene to my child before they can even speak.

Documentaries on Youtube.
I've started to put together documentaries I find on Youtube into a playlist. Ranges from world history, how things work, other topics mentioned in this post.

Very important that they should learn some form of fighting. If it's Boxing or Krav Maga, I want them to learn this skill. Not to go picking fights with people, but so people will not pick on them. Also, to give them the confidence to not be afraid of Bullies.

While learning English is good, I want my child to learn other languages. Mandarin, Spanish and Arabic. This will open huge doors for them in the future.

Loosely associated with Trading and Entrepreneurship. Again, why aren't they teaching this at schools? Topics like: how insurance works, how to register a good company structure with creative taxes, how tax works, how does money work, how to have a good financial portfolio. Anything to do with money really.