What Engineering taught me about being a Travel Consultant

Wow, this summer will mark my 19th year in “Corporate America.” Nineteen years? Boy how time flies! Nineteen years ago, I was just about to graduate from the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering. Having already secured my first engineering job, I was wrapping up my coursework and preparing my mind for my move to Chicago. Since that time I’ve worked at four different technology based companies either as an engineer or project manager. And while there is no direct correlation, each of those organizations has prepared me with much of what I needed to know to start Violet Clover Travel Group.

It’s impossible to know everything

When I worked as an engineer my job was to know and understand the product. But honestly I didn’t know everything, just as I don’t know everything about the travel industry. It’s not humanly possible to know everything about anything. But what you can and should know is where to find the answer. As a Travel Consultant, I have direct access to all the major travel suppliers. Cruise suppliers, tour operators, resorts, you name it and I have a contact. If I don’t readily have the answer I will get it for you.

You have to be good at something

While you can’t know everything, you have to be good at something. As a Travel Consultant, it’s important to hone in on one or two areas of travel. Would you select an engineering firm that specialized game design, medical devices, and telecommunications? I would hope not. Because each of the areas are specialized fields there would be no way that the firm could be good or proficient and any of them. The same is true for travel. If you’re looking to take your dream vacation to Europe you don’t want a Disney Specialist to plan the trip.

At Violet Clover Travel Group, we specialize in Destination Weddings and other group travel primarily in the Dominican Republic and Mexico. We would love to help you plan your next group trip. Contact us at 216–236–8450 or www.violetclovertravelgroup.com.