Compelled to Act
Dustin Moskovitz

Dustin: as a former member of the Republican Party, I have to agree with most of the comments above. That $20mil you’re giving could have done so much more elsewhere. You’re spreading it out with and Color for Change? Have you an idea on how destructive those two entities have been in the past? Just Google it and find out. Since you lean progressive, I’m sure you don’t think they are, but they are funded by George Soros. Not a good guy by any stretch of the imagination. ( and please, for those of you who wish to chime in, I don’t give a rat’s ass about the Koch brothers. They’re just as bad but on a much smaller scale $$$ wise)

I get it that you fear Trump. I’m not voting for him either. He does not invoke our Founding Fathers or the Constitution. He has no history of being remotely for small government or being Constitutional. Why do you think the witch hunt has begun on my side of the aisle? Because we won’t get in line and “do this for the party”. We are not filled with hate for Hilliary. (We know she’s not good for the country, but neither is Trump) That’s why the witch hunt goes in full stride 11/9. If you don’t get in line, there will be hell to pay when she wins 11/8.

Good on you that you donate to other causes! Perhaps you will re-think your decision and take that $20m and put it toward finding answers on college debt, veterans health services, or better education without the use of Common Core. Hopefully you will come to the conclusion that the answers aren’t in Washington, but in the middle class all across this country. When you arrive at that idea, come and seek us out, we’ll be ready to listen and work together on common ground.

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