I’m a liberal professor and my conservative students terrify me.
Jason McCormick

Jason: a few questions for you….you teach feminist critique? I’m sorry professor, but it’s my $40k per year/child that I’m spending. I want a return on my investment. My children understand this. They “perform” by studying hard and applying themselves. Feminism will NOT get them a job in a CPA firm or go to work for companies like Google or Apple. Not one of us parents debate the good ideas of equal pay for our daughters. We want them to succeed in life.

If you think SJW’s are great, that’s all do and well, but they can scream like “Jigglypuff” (see the YouTube video), pay their $40k back in student loans with a job at Chipotle, if they can get a job at all.

We are revolting against the you (the educational establishment) by finding those colleges and universities that actually teach our children, and not with the indoctrination of progressivism. This is what offends you when your friend showed you the web site. The audacity of parents to stand up to academia is shocking to you.

We reject progressivism because it is NOT outcome based.

“Conservatives” is a bastardized word. Perhaps the appropriate word would be “smaller government”, “fiscally responsible”, or “moral living”….take your pick. You claim you teach by reiterating with “facts”, but you forgot one word; your fact is “progressive facts”. There’s no way a “smaller government” person can win any argument in your class. We parents know this. A lot of you progressives teach things that run counter to our moral beliefs that we’ve taught our children since birth. That’s the way all of you progressives want it as well. You’ve created a student echo chamber. Fine, you can keep your echo chamber.

I’ll take my $40k and go somewhere else. We, as parents, are tired of paying for a five star restaurant dinner and end up with a happy meal education for our kids.

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