For This Republican, Never Trump Means “I’m With Her”
Caroline McCain

That’s because you’re a progressive republican like your grandfather. You’re just the “Bull Moose” side of progressivism. Its easy to side with “her” because she’s a progressive too. (Albeit a Wilsonian, “early 20th century progressive” — HRC’s words, not mine) What strikes me though is you despise Trumpelstilskin , but like him, it’s all about “winning” rather than core values. When you decide that candidates should come close to your values rather than the chance that they have on “winning” then, you will be like the rest of us who left the party and are wondering in the desert. Its not such a bad thing to “spit yourself out of the system”. Really! That’s partly why I’m a Libertarian.

I walked away from the party when I realized that Bob Dole, your grandfather, and Mitt Romney did not represent my core values. (I forgive your grandfather for giving us Sarah Palin- we all found out waaayyy too late that Sarah was a nut job and that she was all for herself) You can be a change agent Caroline when you return to your core. Until then…good luck.

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