“The average U.S. employer spends about $4,000 and 24 days to hire a new worker” according to Glassdoor.

Time is money. Human resources teams across the United States are wasting valuable time and company money each day by engaging in traditional hiring methods.

The digital world we live in is fast-paced and always changing. As technology advances, it is important to keep up and use newly discovered technology in the most beneficial ways.

One specific boom in technology has led to the product of a video resume. VCV.me

Did you know that 95% of basic traditional resumes don’t get read?

One way to stand out in a stack of job applications is by recording a video resume. Recording a video resume gives you, the candidate, the opportunity to impress any company’s human resources team. According to HR Technologist, video resumes are used by 60% of hiring managers and recruiters.

VCV.me has recently founded a new product: a video resume. This is the resume that speaks.

Here are reasons why you should switch your .doc or .pdf to VCV and record your video resume today:

It’s Easy to Make

The short video format of the CV is a quick way to reach out to your dream job hiring manager. Check out how to create the video resume that will speak for you:

  1. Prepare and choose the most appropriate background, especially so that it won’t distract your viewer
  2. Fix the camera to eye level; check camera and microphone work; close any irrelevant tabs and apps on your device
  3. Body language — whether you decide to stand or sit, strive for good posture and be conscious of your body language. …

These are the typical questions that recruiters ask during an interview: “What’s your previous experience? What are your top professional achievements? Why are you interested in this job?” But what if you had already answered them before being invited for a sit-down conversation? Without a doubt you’d have been closer to landing your dream job. So, what can be done? We have the solution: our short, well-structured video resumes will help.

Today, an estimated 71% of people watch more video content than a year ago. They are used to video and prefer it over text. In our time of global…


Hiring employees with disabilities is sometimes a difficult topic for employers in different countries. There are many obstacles: ranging from entrenched prejudices to technical difficulties in communicating with candidates. In light of this, VCV is proud to help people with disabilities to reach their full potential, and we’d like to highlight one successful case.

The experience at SAP, the European software company, proves that hiring people with disabilities is easier than it seems, and the company has created a system that others can utilize. …

An exciting post for an exciting moment.

We are launching our new service, VCV Pages, which is designed to create a landing page for your job openings in the U.S. The English language version is ready and we will offer it on Product Hunt . VCV Pages is coming to the market at just the right time, ready to help HR managers around the globe during these difficult times. Give our service a try and share your feedback. It matters.

Let’s go through it together, and at the same time, we will test the hypothesis that remote working and hiring…

Every time a job position needs to be filled you know it’s going to turn into a great ordeal. Obstacles are inevitable in the recruitment process, but there are trendy digital tools to minimize the pain. If you use them properly from the beginning you can seamlessly sail through the various steps of the job hiring process.

One thing we know for sure — the right landing page for a job posting is a great start.

By reviewing this new product — VCV Pages — we will show that your job postings deserve a landing page powered by the latest…

Companies are encouraging remote working, universities are switching to online learning, cinemas and museums are shutting down, all the big events are getting cancelled. The quarantine in Russia has just started so we will have to stay home for a little while. However, it is just the right time to do what you have been postponing for a long time, to deal with work tasks, or to learn a new skill.

The special offers that companies are launching more and more frequently will help you to not go mad and save a little money! At VCV we believe that it…


Find, Screen & Select Job Candidates in Minutes. Create your video CV & reach out to companies

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