SocialX — decentralized media

SocialX Blockchain Network is a decentralized Social media that is set to take over the social networks. Investing in a social media startup company is not a new concept. We have had social communities like Facebook, Twitter and most recently Steemit, however Facebook and Twitter are centralized Social media while Steemit is decentralized one. However SocialX wants to join the decentralized social network community where user’s freedom is totally guarantee.

Centralized social media networks have certain associated errors which SocialX is posed to correct.

According to their original White paper titled “Executive Summary” SocialX has come to correct three(3) Major ills in social networks which include:

“1.Giving Social media users back the ownership of their content.

2. Integrating freedom of speech as a core priniciple in our plarform

3. Building a Reward System were contributors are rewarded of their content”

That’s why I am urging you to be one of the first persons online to invest in SocialX ICO and earn huge profit Online.

The aim of SocialX ICO is to raise the necessary funds to build a perfect decentralized platform for social blockchain users Online.

SocialX intend to generate a total of 90 million SOCX tokens half of which will be offered to early investors at an initial low price. SOCX Token is the cryptocurrency of SocialX platform which can be bought and sold in the cryptocurrency market.

There are certain features of SocialX platform that seems to me very interesting.
These features according to SocialX White paper are as follows:

“1.No success for fake accounts and fake likes or followers. The community decides which
content is valuable

2.Can reach and produce a lot of high quality content quickly

3.The value of the platform is passed onto the user’s

4.Achieves reliability of data with blockchain technology with lower cost than ever before

5.Decentralize photos & videos. You own your own content

6.Give every photo or video a monetized value

7.Manage licenses & rights of photos or videos

8.Reward the community with SocialX tokens

9.Build a great community around what we love the most which is photos and videos

10.Reward the community, means fair rewards for great and valuable content”

You can avail yourself with this profitable investment structure by investing in SocialX ICO.

SocialX has a very strong management team to make the ICO completely successfully. Their core management team members include persons like Philip Henday(ICO founder and CFO), Theodor Diaconu(Co-founder and CFO), Cihan Total(Community manager), Oliver Nedved(Head of Design), Dennis Henke(Management Assistant) and Pascal Thelmann(marketing and content creators) and so many others which could not mentioned here due to time.
All SocialX funds during the ICO will be held safely in multi-signature and hard wallets. These are the safest wallets in the blockchain industry.

According to SocialX whitepaper statement .

We divided our roadmaps into three parts.

Firstly development which will show the technical development of SocialX.

Secondly, our Marketing roadmap as we believe in a good branding and smart Marketing activities for a Startup.

Lastly, we want to develop our business further which means we believe in a good business development in terms of networking and business partnerships with the best of the best in the industry.

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