Hey, it’s me again, I am happy to introduce another key person of the Node.js community: James Snell. James kindly accepted to play the interview game with me.

He is often responsible for the brand new features we love so much in the Node.js Core. Therefore, following him on Twitter and Github can be a nice way to get hints about what’s up in the Node.js world!

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Hello James, can you introduce yourself?

Absolutely. My name is James Snell, I’m a contributor to Node.js Core, a member of the Core Technical Committee and Technical Steering Committee, and up until a…

Colin Ihrig is probably one of the key member of the Node.js community. He is a member of the TSC, the CTC and a collaborator to libuv.

You can follow him on Twitter and Github to follow the current and future state of Node.js (and much more).

I have the chance to know him through the hapi.js community and he kindly accepted to answer my questions.

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(image from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kn0Trjl7ZRE)

Hello Colin, can you introduce yourself?

Hi Vladimir! Sure thing. My name is Colin Ihrig. I’m a member of the Node Core Technical Committee (CTC) and Technical Steering Committee (TSC). I’m also a libuv

Hi folks, it’s been a while since I have published technical articles on Medium. That’s a shame.

The reason behind this silence is mainly my “new” job (since June 2016) at Sqreen.

Most of what I write now goes to Sqreen’s blog. I figured you might want a track of that:

Also, I have published on other places:

So on Monday (31 OCT 2016), I published a new “awesome list” under the Sqreen organization on Github. A few hours later, the link to the repository was first on Hacker News.

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I ranked first, no lies

In this article, I will tell you the whole story and share all the secrets of this operation. I will also answer use this article to clarify a few points as answer to aggressive comments I received on this.

Right now, I am working on a very cool project named Sqreen. I actually develop the Node.js agent. …

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Today, Node Together came to Paris ! I was very excited and honored to have been selected as mentor for this event.

I applied a few weeks ago and soon, Ashley let me know that I had been accepted. My employer, Steamulo, kindly offered me a day off to attend this event.

Node Together is a learning experience

Basically, Node Together is about being guided by Ashley Williams into Node.js programming. She is efficiently helped by mentors who volunteered to do so.

The teaching is divided into three parts:

  • Install party: we helped everyone get Git, Node.js and NPM running on their laptop.
  • Basic Javascript exercises…

This article is part of a long tutorial.

In a previous article, I defined the need for an authentication plugin for the Leanhub.io project. I am happy to announce the first draft of this plugin is ready.

You can find the sources here. Let’s take a look at this:

Project structure

. ├── index.js # main file: plugin registration logic ├── lib │ ├── api # routes │ │ ├── auth.js │ │ └── user.js │ ├── index.js │ ├── models # models │ │ └── user.model.js │ └── services # business logic stande here │ ├── auth.service.js │ └── user.service.js ├──…

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I wrote a simple presentation aiming at convincing clients and decision makers to consider Node.js for their projects.

This articles is meant as an addition to the slides. It provides an explanation for each of them and should help you prepare a talk using this presentation.

Do not hesitate to fork the presentation but please, do not remove my presentation slide.

The presentation:

First column

Slide 1.1

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Chez Steamulo, le groupe de travail JavaScript (JS crew) se réunit régulièrement. Les séances se déroulent en deux temps:

  • Une presentation
  • Un débat sur un thème donné

Pour le meeting de la semaine dernière, j’ai fait une rapide présentation du framework web Angular 2. Il est fort probable que les agences web déjà familiarisée à Java, décident d’adopter ce framework quand il sera stable (probablement en fin d’année).

Je vous laisse découvrir mes slides:

N’hésitez pas à me faire parvenir vos commentaires et remarques.


In this article, we will see how to create a nice chat application using modern and innovative technologies: Server sent event, RethinkDB and hapi.

Matt Harrison published a while ago a very cool hapi plugin name SuSiE to allow the use of Server Sent Event (SSE). He provided an example of live chat application using React as front-end library. I forked his project to add RethinkDB in it.

Let’s discover the technologies used (SSE with SuSiE and RethinkDB with Thinky).

Server Sent Event

Server Sent Event (SSE) is a technology allowing to push data from a server to a client through HTTP without…

In the specification of the project, a plugin to manage MongoDB connection using Mongoose has been designed. It is time to take a look at its implementation.

This plugin is ready to use, you can already require it in your projects.


First, let’s take a look at the package.json of this project. I created it using the following commands:

$ npm init #then answer the questions
$ npm install --save mongoose joi
$ npm install --save-dev code glue lab npm-check-updates nsp

As a result, I got:

{ "name": "mongoose-nest", "version": "1.0.1", "description": "the home of happy mongooses", "main": "index.js", "scripts": { "test": "lab -cL -t 100", "test:coverage": "lab -cL -t 100 -r console -o…

Vladimir de Turckheim

JS enthusiast, software engineer, world traveler. Proud sqreener (sqreen.io). Node.js evangelist.

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