How To Quickly Decide Which Book You Should Read Next
Darius Foroux

I have a somewhat ambiguous experience with Blinkist. I’m a premium user since the beginning and I am not willing to go without it. Nevertheless I don’t really know where I should put it. As Darius describes it, the blinks are the distilled (mostly actionable) wisdom of the books and if you would push on you could end up with a to-do list. BUT thinking back about the books that helped me the most with my life and career, they were books that provided some kind of profound insight. Most of the time this insight was embedded in and driven by stories and anecdotes. And those stories made the insights stick. Now, due to the nature of blinks most of the time exactly these stories are pruned away first. So even when reading/listening the blinks you don’t really know if the book is a worthwhile read. I sometimes use blinkist to screen books ahead, but most of the time, to quickly cover ground on a new topic. And to alleviate the time problem i use audible 2x speed for the full books. The funny thing is that now twice as many books are on my listening list...

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