In this post, we will go through the development Tools which I found to be very useful for a java developer like me.

Tools Motivation

The following list contains the IDE (Integrated Development Environment), plugins and other useful tools for other activities like database and networking.

  1. IntelliJ IDEA:
    It’s fully functional, a developer-friendly tool which provides lots of built-in features and plugins for development which usually we need to install in open source tools. You can explore the community version before purchasing the enterprise version. If you are a student, you could leverage a student promotional offer here.
  2. Eclipse:
    It’s one of the…

When I was attending an undergraduate program during the year 2009–2013, I had no knowledge about what to do in the engineering life, how to make a progress for a successful career in the IT field. Only things that I did in the college were attending courses, scoring marks greater than 60% to be eligible for placements, enjoying and surviving the degree programs. Also, Most of the Seniors had suggested maintaining a minimum 60% score so that one can be eligible for all companies for on-campus placements drive. We didn’t have much idea about what are the differences between service…

Today, I will give you one of the implementations of maker-checker workflow which I had adopted in my projects.


It’s a quite common workflow in the industry especially followed in the banking domain where maker will create/update contents and the checker will approve the contents. This is considered to avoid mistakes while entering the records in the process.


  • We had the master data which needs to be created or updated through maker-checker flow. Then this data will be visible on the main sites for the users to view.
  • The User with the maker role will able to create…

Nowadays, there are a lot of users use digital products and website to shop, being social and book an appointment. It is, however, not easy to know which one are more reliable and secure. Therefore, It is a must rule for developers and innovators, to build a system which follows latest security standards. So, How do you achieve this?

In this blog post, I will be sharing few points which I have learned from my experience through working on banking projects. Most of the points are covered by Open Web Application Security Project

Application Security Points:

  1. Input Validation: Standard application…

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