“My Intro to Markup and Typography for the Web”

For this week, we learned about typography and working with HTML and CSS to adjust the wording of a web page. We got a chance to actually implement HTML and CSS onto our blog post to adjust it and create these tags and customizers to our blog post.

For adding CSS and HTML to our blog post, we used Codepad.io. This platform allows you to enter in raw text and modify it by implementing HTML and CSS mark ups. It also allows you to preview the file once you have entered in any tags or customizers. To me, this tool is very helpful because it now only allows you to test, but actually gives you a visual of how your page will look. This way, if you find something incorrect, you can automatically go back and change it. For example, when I was working on it in Codepad, I noticed that there was a misplaced character in the beginning of my introductory paragraph in the preview section. When I saw that, I was able to go back into the code and find the error. That is the main example as to why this tool is very useful for design and implementation. It also allowed me to try unique things with the code, which provided me a better understanding of exactly how to utilize the selectors and tags.

Besides using Codepad, we also began to use Chrome Web Developer tools. Using Chrome web developer tools isn’t totally new to me. At my internship at AOL two years ago, I primarily used these developer tools. I was working with AOL’s video department and these tools helped me track any issues with a video being displayed incorrectly on a web page. Along with that, I also used HTML and CSS to adjust certain color pallets as well as various other mark ups for our video player. The web developer tool is always helpful. When removing the CSS tags, I noticed that there were significant bugs on the page. This tool is useful because it can allow you to track any errors and bugs that are affecting the display of the web page.

Our discussion on control and predictability in Slack was also quite interesting. One thing that I found particularly interesting was the correlation between design and implementation. It is crucial that in web development, there should be a limit as to how complex your design and code can be. The people creating this site must test it as if they are a user with no real technical background. The points made by the other students really helped me understand that development and design truly go hand in hand with control and predictability.

Overall, this week was a great refresher with the Web developer tools as well as intuitive with working with Codepad. I hope we get to use codepad in the future as it is a very useful tool to use when working on code.