Ethereum and the Wordpress of Blockchain Gambling

vDice is a leading blockchain gambling Dapp on Ethereum.

Now the team is focusing on stabilising the main game software and its underlying technology.

vDice is more than just a game. vDice is a platform that makes it possible for developers to start working on their own decentralized blockchain gambling Dapps for vDice.

This is a major step towards achieving one of vDice’s core goals. That is; to develop the vDice brand and site as a platform for developers.

At vDice developers can show off their own gambling Dapps. As such, vDice will become a stable, reliable and trusted brand for gambling Dapps.

vDice will leverage the considerable developer talent working on various gambling smart contracts for Ethereum. These developers do not have the time and resources to grow their own brand. We at vDice will provide that. then provides a home for great Ethereum Gambling Dapps.

With the Ethereum platform you can make gambling truly decentralised.

An Ethereum Gambling Contract runs itself. This makes Ethereum a unique platform. Everyone can benefit.

Anyone can write their own Gambling Dapp. It’s just software. They can put it on the Ethereum network. Then they can ask vDice to show it on their site. They can benefit from our great brand.

Someone creates their own game. If it’s good, they will benefit. vDice will be like the Wordpress of Gambling in this way: a platform for developers to showcase their quality gambling Dapps.

Through the power of the blockchain, it is the network itself that administers the games. Players trust in the code. They don’t have to worry about the creators. Once it’s on the Ethereum network it belongs to the network.

vDice will leverage that power in a complete way, during the Pioneer Phase of development.

Soon we may have geeks in their bedrooms whipping up gambling games in the same way they make YouTube shows, or make music. It will cost them nothing to stick the code on the Ethereum network. Instantly they will have a global audience.

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