The Role of vDice and Gambling in Ethereum Development

vDice, Gambling and Ethereum Development

Ethereum gambling Dapps are starting to emerge. Still there are very few live, commercial, gambling smart contracts on Ethereum.

It is understandable. The technology is new. The potential is huge.

We expect gambling to be the primary use case for the Ethereum network in the short to medium term.

More complicated applications will arrive, eventually. But a lot has to be done before Ethereum is ready for them.

The real, important development, done in a live, commercial setting, will come from the gambling part of the ecosystem.

From there technology will be developed that will allow the more complicated smart contracts to exist.

It’s gritty, necessary work.

Emerging Industry Standards

The key debate at the moment, with this part of the ecosystem, is how to do randomness. Their are pros and cons associated with each approach. Engineering is about trade-offs.

Many are choosing to process through and Oracle and with as the random number source. We see this as an emeging industry standard.

This is the path we have taken. Others are doing the same and making some great games. It has its limitations and its strengths. Ultimately the best approach will win.

vDice and its Place in Ethereum Ecosystem

We exist for a variety of reasons. Ours is important and necessary work. As is the work being done by all developers making Ethereum gambling Dapps.
In the first instance, vDice is testing how fast and efficient we can get on-blockchain Tx in a production setting, through an Oracle.

This is R&D everyone will benefit from. We believe within 12-months we will have betting fast and efficient enough to compete with centralized database games.
Further, vDice exists to provide a good, commercial betting game that works and is decentralised. In so doing, demonstrate the true power of Ethereum and Smart Contracts.

There is no reason why a decentralized betting game, on Ethereum, can’t compete for speed and efficiency with centralized operators.

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