vDice Development — The Road Ahead

vDice started as a software project with a specific goal. It’s success is tied to the success of Ethereum. Ethereum is successful and vDice will be successful.

The development process is static, constantly changing and evolving. Development is never a fixed process. Ours is a longer-term roadmap, based on a 3-year development period.

Due to the dynamic nature of software development, milestones within a phase might be worked on in parallel.

Bet Processing Model

vDice processes bets through and oracle, with random.org for random number source. This is in-line with an emerging industry trend.

We are seeing this with a number of other awesome Ethereum gambling Dapps. The ecosystem for Ethereum gambling Dapps looks healthy.

We are pleased to be at the head of the charge.

Origin Phase

We are currently operating within the Origin Phase, which contains three major milestones, and has a focus on stability, security, speed and efficiency of the core vDice game.

This is the game that is currently live, processing bets. It is the classic SatoshiDICE clone, implemented as an Ethereum Smart Contract.

i). Main Game Stabilization

The most important milestone for our users and stakeholders this year is the stabilisation of the main vDice game software.

While it is live, processing bets, it still needs a few more months of refining. This will provide the optimal codebase for developing out the more dynamic parts of the game itself.

It will provide a solid foundation for making bet processing, on-blockchain, more efficient. On this foundation we will develop the vDice brand and platform.

ii). More Reliable, Efficient & Faster Blockchain Tx.

To make blockchain transaction processing for betting more reliable, key infrastructure, as detailed below, will be deployed:

a. “Nested” Datasource & Partially Encrypted Queries:-
The vDice main game Smart Contract is now calling the Oracle with a fully encrypted query. This means that the URL that is being requested of the Oracle to call is known to vDice and the Oracle only.

As a consequence, the TLSN proof is enough to prove what vDice did call (because the answer from the random.org server does list the specific query arguments). To somebody reading the contract this is all but obvious.

Using partially encrypted queries it is possible to encrypt just part of the vDice query and not all of it. For example, it is possible just to encrypt the API credentials and not the rest of the URL.

This should improve the confidence of anyone reading the Smart Contract.

b. Multi-TLSN Servers:
This new infrastructure will support the parallel execution of queries and a multi TLS Notary design.

As a consequence, vDice queries can be handled in a much shorter timespan. The average time to get the response out is moved down quite a bit (to ~8 seconds total, from the time the tx is confirmed). Bet processing time will be reduced by this amount.

Reduction in on-blockchain processing time is critical, if vDice is to compete with centralized gambling services, using centralized databases.

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