Why You Should Hire Tim D. Hodges

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With over 16 years of comprehensive experience in creating superior website sales copy, marketing and business knowledge, and internet expertise London Ontario digital marketing expert Tim Hodges is the best deal for generating new leads for your business.

Tim Hodges had his Diploma from Fanshawe College as computer programmer analyst however he did not stop there; he has went further to volunteer and work in different organizations, leaving a trail of accolades.

Achievements of Tim D. Hodges

Over the years, Tim Hodges has accomplished a lot of great feats putting him top most in his field of specialization. His achievements are inclusive but not limited to the following; (see our notes in italics)

1. As a Marketing Director and Webmaster for Forest City Surplus:

a. He administers a website containing over 3600 products. eComm is hot now! What serious businessperson doesn’t want to sell something throughout the world from one location?

b. Administering an eBay and Amazon store. This is a great extra stream of revenue if you sell products as both of these sites get millions of searches a month. Some e-commerce experts even put Amazon as the number 2 product search engine in the U.S..

c. Achieving page one Google.ca search results for terms like survival gear, camping equipment, industrial water filters, pellet guns, and so on. This is very valuable as who doesn’t want to be front and centre on Google when someone does a search to buy a product.

d. Creating dozens of YouTube videos that have received a total of 700,000 views. Use this experience to help get video views for your business.

2. As an Ontario SEO Expert and Digital Marketing Consultant: providing clients SEO, content creation, article editing, social media marketing through Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, website development, and other digital marketing services. All of these are hot ways to attract more business to your organization. Why not use his expertise to grow your business.

3. As a Webmaster and Search Engine Optimizer for a Real Estate Brokerage he:

a. Performed various off and on page search engine optimization techniques including website analysis, link building, and setting up blogs. We find that these are all great marketing skills to have.

b. Achieved 3rd position for the competitive search terms; ‘London MLS’ , ‘MLS London Ontario’, and ‘MLS Property Search London Ontario ‘ in Google.ca search results. This is very impressive given this is one of the top terms that is searched for in the highly competitive real estate industry. If he can rank for this then he can likely locally rank for your keywords.

c. Redesigned several websites to use CSS and improved the layouts. This is where his experience as a computer programmer comes in handy. He knows how to fix code when needed. Many people who specialize in just social media can’t do that. He’s a full stack digital marketing expert.

4. Knowledge and Expertise ; Tim Hodges has garnered a lot of knowledge and can employ the best practices for optimizing the structure of your site. Tim will conduct analysis on your website’s performance and provide advice on additional content required and help you develop a plan for producing the content strategy and search engine-friendly content you need.

5. Keep up with Changes : Google frequently updates its search algorithm which might be a bit difficult for your marketing executive to track and implement the changes as fast as necessary. You don’t have to worry about that again, as an SEO expert, Tim will makes it his business to know precisely when new updates are due to kick in and to ensure that they are implemented.

6. Generate Traffic to your Website : your website requires a good number traffic; the higher the number of users the higher you’re likely to make sales. Tim Hodges will improve the ranking of your website on Google and will sustain traffic to your website.

7. Sales Increase: if you want to increase sales then you should hire Tim to manage your website. Tim will build your company’s online presence, making it accessible to more people thereby increasing sales.

8. Tracking and Analytics: you need to track, test, and analyze any results to find out which ones are working or not. Tim will track your metrics regularly by examining traffic numbers to help you determine how many leads are coming to your site for converting into sales.

9. Frequent Content Updates; if your website does not have frequent fresh contents, it will not be recognized by Google. Tim has the experience to ensure that fresh, new and innovative contents ate regularly updated on your organization’s website and social media platforms.

10. Applying Marketing Best Practices : as your digital marketing consultant, Tim will help you build a higher-converting website that is SEO friendly, improve your email marketing, save money on paid social media campaigns, plan your holiday promotion calendar and campaigns. Tim will also design SEOs that will lead to more audience engagement and conversions, and how much your business should spend to acquire different types of customers.

Tim D. Hodges also has experience is areas like copywriting, online marketing, graphic design, and business strategy. All of which are desperately needed for a modern business to succeed. Tim works very hard and will ensure he gives you the best for your business or website. He will go out of his way to give you the extras needed to boost your website. If you need an SEO or Digital Marketing Expert, then you should hire Tim D. Hodges of London, Ontario, Canada today.


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