Moving to Medium!

I have been a Blogspot user for a while. I have followed the latest updates on blogging area for close to 8 years. I evaluated the Wordpress and other major blogging platforms in their early days.

Initial, I started with Wordpress. I fancied Google a lot and I admired it as a dominant force in Internet. So, I moved to Blogger sometime back in 2009. Whatever things which I saw right from Wordpress and Blogger is still present without much of advancement. These two blogging platforms haven’t changed and evolve overtime.

Recently, I have been reviewing the other platforms.

Tumblr: I liked the idea of adding the microblogging with the full fledge blog. It is a plus for that. However, It is not suited for lengthy articles.

Quora: Undoubtedly, Most trusted Question and Answer site of our age. It is good to host a secondary blog over there to improve the influence. Not a fancy idea to keep a primary blog.

Medium: Looks so promising for lengthy post with fresh look on how a blog should work. Idea of responding to the Author with highlighted lines and doing the active reading is major plus. It also reaches our post with the network of people.

I don’t say that they have all equivalent features in Wordpress and Blogger. Medium doesn’t even allow you to customise the look and feel.

I am going to use Medium merely for their new way of looking the blogging platform.

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