Your past experiences are blinding you
Jory MacKay

Fantastic article and I wholeheartedly agree. I had never felt so free as that time in 2010 when a lay off prompted me to jump into the darkness and to start from complete scratch. I no longer wanted to be stuck in pointless meetings, or have to battle through the numbing conventions of corporate structure. This was my escape and it could only be possible with a shattering of the comforts and preconceived ideas which my mind had built up about what my life needed to look like. Then I pushed myself further, a two month trip hiking through the Himalayas and attempting to film my first doc. I’ve been running boutique production company ever since and have never been happier. Alas, with a mortgage now and having been married two years ago, I feel those anchors being dropped. Time to let go again, the confines of my feeble mind and push myself through to freedom. ;)

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