I have had some very interesting conversations over the past few weeks with testers wanting better access. More specifically, testers who are eager to really get more involved with upfront planning in their projects, and even their sprints. In most of these conversations, I am hearing a lot about their involvement in the meetings they are attending, and inevitably the list of meetings that they are aware of, but can’t secure a spot at the table. On each occasion, our conversation immediately starts with targeted thoughts on process. …

3 = number of blog posts that I published in 2016

19 = number of blog posts that I actually wrote in 2016

Not publishing… I think that this may have been my most impactful discovery in 2016. Writing with no intent to publish is something I hope to continue. I have been writing so often this year… to help me reflect… to help me structure otherwise scattered thoughts… to help me focus.

For years, it seems that my lifelong fear of public speaking has been secretly impacting my ability to blog without me knowing it. Those who know me…

One of the more interesting aspects of working in today’s very (very) connected world is the sense that we never really say goodbye. We may change jobs, change cities… but it has never been easier to remain connected to the people we used to work with. I have found this to be true even when the connection itself was not very deep while employed together.

In fact, I can think of many times where my relationship with someone evolved dramatically from colleague to friendship only after we stopped working in the same organization. The “breaking up” part of working together…

I am sitting in a cafe in San Francisco, enjoying my double espresso and killing bit of time before I fly home. I love this city. There is so much more of it that I want to visit and explore, so why am I instead churning over a simple question?

Mirror mirror in my mind

I had a lovely day yesterday with two friends from back home who recently moved out here. I worked with Sylvain at a software company in Ottawa for over a decade. One problem we clearly have is that when we do get together, our conversations tend to drift to our…

It has been a rough 2016 for me so far… It started with me slipping and falling down some steps back in late December. That resulted in some very annoying problems with my neck, a solid month of lying flat in bed and about another six weeks of rehab. No sooner than I was cleared to get active, I seem to have picked up some form of never ending flu or cold that has had me once again flat out in bed.

The truth is… that I am bored.

Win Win Win!!!

But, I am not writing about that. This is just some…

No seriously. It happened. Want to hear about it?

I was wandering the streets of Prague with my good friend Joanne Perold, and we were swapping stories of cultures and practices gone by. We moved into the realm of dreaded performance reviews, and I revealed that I once was part of a performance review that not only did not suck, the two of us involved actually found the experience enjoyable. After telling the whole story, Jo just stopped, pointed at me and commanded: “Blog that”.

So this is me… doing that.

Status Quo…

A few years ago, I was employed at a…

I have been participating in many of the discussions around software estimates for the past year or so. The #NoEstimates discussion has been quite a debate, and to be honest I get a lot of the points being made by both sides:

“We need estimates to secure our business agreements”

  • I completely agree that in some industries and markets, not providing an estimate will simply prevent deals from being made (I worked with commercial airlines and military… trust me it IS a show stopper. …

I know. It sounds ridiculous. It also sounds near impossible to implement when first proposed. So instead, let’s first imagine that we completely ignore the “how do we get there?” problem and we instead jump immediately to imagine this state. We will just assume that the years of culture change have been successful.

To be clear, what I am proposing here is a corporate culture where the individuals in the company that are responsible for managing and growing teams are fundamentally not allowed to:

  • internally publish documents
  • develop or deliver presentations (internally or even to customers)
  • assemble reports
  • design dashboards

Martin (马丁) Hynie

The world is a simple place. We often pay people to make it sound complicated. Me? I just want to build cool things with cool people.

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