Recruiting Users Manually

We finished building the website both desktop and mobile version. (took about two and a half weeks)

We gathered content from reddit and nhs websites. I think we have about 600 or so posts.

Now we need to build a community.

We need to get an initial set of users to get feedback from.

I think health bloggers are a solid initial adopters market.

Manually recruiting users seems like a good strategy. So I set a goal of acquiring 10 people.

Just 10.

Meanwhile, Shaun — my cofounder wrote a script to reachout to hundreds of users on reddit and tell them about the website.

So far, I’ve gotten 1 signup from a friend in India who has a club to help out people with depression in his college.

I’m waiting for a nutritionist to sign up and check out the platform.

I’m not going to add any features or fix any bugs until I hit the 10 new signups mark.

So I’m just going to focus on that. Get 10 signups.