“Howard West,” and Epidemic of Black Scrutiny
Hallie Lomax

thank you for you insight. though when you say things like “just giving up space” that unfairly diminishes the effort of some Google employee who fought hard for an hbcu to be given that space over the likes of CMU and Cornell. this action benefits Howard and its recruiting efforts as much as it does Google. additionally, we do not know whether the junior/senior cutoff was a Google or a Howard decision (sounds like a Howard admin decision, tbh). as much as we should keep a critical eye on large companies and their motivations, we should also be appreciative of the efforts and resources that are put forth when they are put forth. my comment in no way takes away from your overall point though, Google could definitely do more. even if it’s a little bit more, like cutting the workload for engineers who teach at hbcu’s, every little bit helps.

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