Can behavioral science explain the success of Bandersnatch?

Welcome to the choose-your-adventure interactive blog. You are creating your own blog reading experience, over the next few paragraphs. While reading you will come across choice to proceed reading or go to the other source. It’s just like Bandersnatch, but without cereal. If you want to start from the beginning click here.

We all have that one friend that gives us their Netflix account. In a world of injustice and global warming, there is a ray of sunshine beaming on you and says: “ Yes, you can use my account! “ One of the main perks of plural account is not just the Is ability to share it with your friends or algorithm which optimizes the account toward your preferences — it is the Netflix social currency.

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When you start with Bandersnatch you get your own experience. You choose your own path covered by specific music in background and cereals for breakfast. And in the end, you get your own ending. Much like in real life. This is not just closure for one show, it is your own token. You are aware that there are only 5 ending to a show but still this one is special mostly because it’s yours. Your own story sprinkled in IKEA effect

Your first choice branch:

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Do you want to know more about IKEA effect or to continue reading?

The merit of having your experience of experience makes us want to share it. So we do. We talk about it with our friends. Firstly with the other three Netflix users.

In the 1990s, British anthropologist Robin Dunbar discovered a link between the size of a primate’s brain and the average size of its social group. Are we apply this proportion to the human brain, we can maintain up to 150 meaning full relationships. This magic ration has become the Dunbar Number that has famously been used in management psychology and pop culture.

In his research paper, Dunbar argues that language evolved to replace social grooming since it allows us to use our time for social interaction more efficiently. Talking and sharing with others are efficient ways of reinforcing social bonds. So in a way — Bandersnatch has a strong impact on the primal part of our brain. On the other hand, the sports industry generates billions of dollars yearly. It is hard to believe it but the sport is a channel for human relationships. When getting together with friends to talk about your sports team, you reinforce the things you have in common and that helps you connect.

We are motivated to share with the people in our lives to feel connected to them and to nurture our relationships. So we can say that Bandersnatch is not just shown episode — it’s a path to our social bonding in this modern age.

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You have come to the end of your unique blog experience, do share it. After all — this is your social need.

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