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VeChain Foundation
Nov 23, 2017 · 6 min read

Within the last two weeks,VeChain has made huge progress in community development, industry engagement and cooperation partnership.

VeChain was invited to attend the First Inclusive Blockchain Conference

VeChain CFO Jay Zhang was invited to attend the First Inclusive Blockchain Conference hosted by SUSS (Singapore University of Social Sciences), ACCESS (Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association), SFA(The Singapore Fintech Association), CAIA (Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association) and various other organizations and sponsored by Fenbushi Capital on November 14th-15th, 2017. The conference aimed at promoting the positive developmentof blockchain ecology system and the further application of this system in inclusive finance.

During the round table discussion on November 15th, 2017, Jay Zhang introduced the concepts, prospect, project development status and future plans of the project in detail and positively replied all questions raised by the audience on site.

The founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Fenbushi Capital, the largest venture capital fund in China, Shen Bo, the executive director of silicon valley-based venture fund Plug and Play Wesley Harjono, American blockchain tycoon ConsenSys team and the founder of ChinaB Gong Ming and some other big names in the industry were invited to attend the conference as well.

The vitality of VeChain overseas community has gained substantial boost.

VeChain has conducted standardized management of its overseas social media platforms successively, including the Twitter, Reddit, Telegram and Slack accounts of VeChain. The standardization of social media management aimed at the timely summary and disclosure of project information to VeChain community members. Meanwhile, VeChain has maintained frequent interaction with its community members and the vitality of VeChain community is in consistent growth.

Take VeChain Twitter account for example, within the last four weeks, the number of VeChain tweets has gained an increase of 16.7% on a month-on-month basis. The VeChain tweet impressions have also increased 316.6% by reaching 234,000 in number. On November 6th, 2017 alone, VeChain has published 5 tweets, and the tweet impressions of that day reached 25,017 in number. On November 16th, 2017, VeChain has published 4 tweets, with the tweet impressions reached 19,684 in number. Apart from that, the number of online visits and references to personal information has increased by 17.7% and 69.1% respectively.

Notably, the tweet impressions of VeChain Japanese community has reached 9,249 in number on October 21st, 2017.

As the first BNB trading pair and the 100th trading pair tradable on Binance, VeChain has gained 8,308 impressions and 1,107 engagements on its twitter account on November 5th, 2017.

Welcome to search @vechainofficial on twitter and follow our official twitter account for the latest updates of VeChain developmen progress report.

Regarding our reddit forum for overseas communities, we have redesigned the overall visual effects of VeChainofficialredditaccount and introduced a more unified web page setting with our official style. We have also conducted a series of adjustments to the settings of the sidebars of VeChain subreddit account. The new official VeChain subreddit page includes various sections, such as project introduction, cooperation partners, social medial inks, important links, exchange information and so on, which made it more convenient for community members to know about the status and development progress of the project.

The new VeChain official reddit page has also added a new section called “VeChain Daily Discussion” for the convenience of community members worldwide to exchange their thoughts and opinions of the project. The relevant person in charge of the official account will also reply to all questions regarding the project in a timely manner in this section.

Welcome to search VeChain on reddit and subscribe to our channel for the support of the development of our project with fans all over the world together.

10 senior partners from PricewaterhouseCoopers Immersion Group has recently visited VeChain Shanghai Headquarters

A group of ten representatives of Price Waterhouse Coopers Immersion Group from UK, USA, Singapore, Japan, France and other countries has visited VeChain Shanghai Headquarters on the afternoon of November 17th, 2017. VeChain CTO GuJianliang introduced VeChainblockchain and IoT solutions to all partner representatives on site and demonstrated the self-developed NFC/RFID smart chips that can be applied to various different industries.

VeChain Vice President Chin Qian has also introduced the blockchain solution that VeChain provided for Renault Group, D.I.G and a French luxury brand to all partner representatives on site. All partner representatives have showed great interest in the application effects of VeChainblockchain solution and the positive impact that VeChain solution brought to customers’ business processes, and explored the possibility of the application of blockchain technology in large infrastructure and construction industry.

During their visit, the senior manager of Cybersecurity and Blockchain Service of PwC Shanghai Kevin Feng introduced the detailed information regarding the cooperation with VeChain and the blockchain-based authorization service promoted by both VeChain and PwC.

VeChain has established cooperation with the pioneer of QR code industry Madeforgoods

The pioneer of QR code industry madeforgoods has established strategic cooperation agreement with the leading blockchain technology application group VeChain. Both parties agreed that they would further integrate blockchain technology into QR code technology and apply blockchain technology into supply chain management for the provision of better product and anti-counterfeiting tracing service for more companies.

As the leading enterprises of QR code industry, madeforgoods has helped various brands to conduct data tracing through all channels and connect to their retail point of sale terminal and their consumers. With its clairvoyance in market trends and abundant product tracing management experience, madeforgoods has helped many Global Fortune 500 companies to solve anti-counterfeiting problems arising from upstream supply chain. Madeforgoods is currently providing steady and extraordinary service for various Fortune 500 companies, such as PernodRicard, Dannon, Lesaffre, Saint-Gobain etc.

As the leading enterprise of blockchain technology, VeChain aims at building a trustworthy distributed commercial environment that is transparent in information, supportive and highly efficient with high-speed value transfer. Apart from that, VeChain has also accumulated abundant experience in commercial application of blockchain technology in various industries. The current cooperation between madeforgoods and VeChain has complemented both parties’ advantages and explored the anti-counterfeiting tracing of products in China, which set a milestone in product tracing and anti-counterfeiting field.

More VeChain activities

The BlockShow hosted by influential blockchain media ‘The CoinTelegraph’ will be held in Singapore on November 29th, 2017– November 30th, 2017. As the sponsor of the event, VeChain will attend the BlockShow and the General Manager of VeChain Europe Jerome Grilleres will present a speech in the event.

VeChain Foundation

Nov 20, 2017

VeChain Foundation

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The VeChain Foundation is a non - profit entity established in Singapore.

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