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Blockchain and IoT (Internet of Things) are the two trending cutting-edge topics in the technology industry. They frequently appeared in government instructions regarding government policies, principles and developmental schemes. One of the VeChain’s prime direction is to establish the deep connection and the optimization of blockchain and IoT technologies by complementing the advantages and avoiding the disadvantages to each other.

On the one hand, as one of the technologies that provide online trust service, although blockchain technology can guarantee the authenticity of the data operated on the blockchain network, IoT is the key to secure the authenticity of data source.

On the other hand, IoT technology helps to establish the corresponding relation between the real physical world and the world of blockchain. IoT technology can greatly reduce the factors of human intervention and manipulation by the source of data collection and thus ensure the authenticity of all data involved.

Under the leadership of CTO Jianliang Gu, most team members of VeChain have more than 10 years of professional experience in power, electronics and telecommunication technology industries. Before joining in VeChain, Mr. Gu was employed as the technical director of TCL Mobile Communication Co., Ltd. and had accumulated around 18 years of experience in relevant industries like mobile telecommunication and IoT. Apart from his rich experience in relevant industries, Mr. Gu also holds more than 100 relevant patents.

VeChain will keep a deep connection between IoT and VeChain blockchain regarding the three aspects below:

· The development of digital chip tag technology

· The identification and data security of IoT sensors

· NB-IoT security and authorization module

After two months of intense work on digital chip design, algorithm patterns establishment, usability tests and digital chip security tests, VeChain technical team has upgraded the chip layer of traditional equipment by embedding unique equipment ID and the Asymmetric Encryption Algorithm for verifying the authentication and authorization of the equipment. They eventually finished the digital chips like RFID, NFC, QRCode that targeted at different industries and application scenarios.

  1. Below are the two types of NFC digital chip for alcoholic products

1)The first type of NFC digital chip is suitable for the alcoholic products with bottle caps made by aluminum-foil like red wine and sparkling wine, etc.

Frontside of the tag
backside of the tag

This type of NFC digital chip is designed with a high level encryption and can effectively avoid the influence of metal on NFC antenna. The base of the chip is made of fragile coated paper material, which can be teared easily and effectively prevents from repetition of use.

2)The second type of NFC chip is suitable for the alcoholic products with plastic bottle caps

Frontside of the tag
Backside of the bag

This type of NFC digital chip enhances the performance of inner antennas through ingenious design. The type of chips provides customers with a smooth scanning experience and also tears easily for the prevention of repeated use.

2. Dual frequency digital chip of NFC + RFID for the application on the luxury goods.

Tag sample 1

This type of NFC + RFID dual frequency digital chip is sewn into the inner layer of luxury bags for the convenience of management regarding production and logistic links and the fulfillment of customer requests regarding counterfeiting issues. This type of the chip is encrypted with NFC technology with higher data security level. In addition, the RFID superfrequency technology can improve the management efficiency in production and logistic links.

3. NFC digital chip for the application of artwares and jewelleries

Tag Sample 2

This type of ring shaped fragile digital chip is designed to extend through the holes (gaps) around the product and attach together to form a ring structure. The chip also tears easily for the prevention of repeated use.

Apart from that, VeChain has also designed RFID tags and waterproof tags specifically for clothing products. The RFID tags with super frequency technology are either printed on the inside of the tags or sewn into the inner layer of the clothing products. This can improve the checking efficiency of production and logistic links and the settlement efficiency during the sales links. Meanwhile, this type of RFID tag also helps VeChain blockchain platform to track the source of the goods for the prevention of any anti-channel conflicts.

VeChain team has also independently developed the read-write equipment for automatic digital chips to improve the reading, writing and testing efficiency of the digital chips. In addition, the design and testing of the hardware as well as the coding, testing and implementation of the software programs are all independently accomplished by VeChain team. The read-write equipment greatly improves production capacity of the chip to fulfil the growing demands of various types of digital chips for VeChain.

Part of the read-write code that written independently by VeChain
VeChain Smartchip Automation Workstation

Please follow the next VeChain Insights for more details of VeChain team’s special design of “IoT+ blockchain” project for green agriculture industry scenario.

【More Activities of VeChain】

  1. VeChain Japan community meetup will be held in Tokyo on Nov 1st 2017. This event will be live broadcasted through Facebook and other Internet platforms. Sunny Lu, the leader of the project, will introduce the project including ICO related information, token refund updates, globalization strategy and other related topics to Japan community members;
  2. VeChain actively communicated with CoinMarketCap and submitted relevant documents of the amount of circulating supply and the total supply of VeChain Token (VEN);
  3. VeChain Foundation registered a brand new twitter account: vechainofficial ( Besides, the official Reddit forum is getting more active now. Thank everyone from the community for the great support!
  4. Last week, VeChain Foundation published two short videos of VeChain application that directly shows the community how VeChain applications verifies the authenticity of products. Currently, the application for Android is available, and iOS version is waiting for approval from apple store, approximately released by next week;
  5. VeChain official website ( updated the link of Facebook and Twitter. Telegram and Reddit links were added too.

VeChain Foundation, 23rd Oct 2017

Note:Some parts of the contents were translated by the community (, great work and great community!

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The VeChain Foundation is a non - profit entity established in Singapore.

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