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Oct 30, 2017 · 4 min read


Last week we introduced various types of RFID and NFC tags developed by VeChain based on the demand from different industries and application scenarios. As the intermediary between the blockchain and realistic commercial society, the electronic chips that are embedded into the electronic tags function as the only ID of all products on the blockchain platform by recording all information regarding relevant product attributes of digitized products and all announcements and transfer of the products’ ownership generated afterwards onto the VeChainblockchain. The product ID itself is like an index number, and it’s the large amount of data in connection with those ID endows more realistic meanings to the randomly generated character strings.

NB-IoT(Narrow Band Internet of Things) is established on the cellular network that can be directly deployed on GSM, UMTS or LTE network to reduce the deployment cost and it enable smooth upgrade at the same time. Due to the advantages of low power consumption, wide coverage, low cost, high-capacity, NB-IoT can be used in various types of vertical industries, such as remote meter reading, assets tracking, smart cars and intelligent agriculture.

The VeChain IoT team has co-operated with Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences and developed a cloud platform for intelligent agriculture. Through the deployment of various NB-IoT equipments like sensors, controllers and digital cameras inside of the vegetable greenhouse, it is possible to update and monitor the data of climatic change, soil regime agriculture, crop growth status, water and fertilizer use status, equipment operation status to the VeChain IoT cloud platform by using personal computers and smart phones. It is also possible to remotely control the process of irrigation, ventilating, cooling and calescence to enable the precision operation thus to improve the quality control and product tracking transparency, and finally in order to eliminate the trust crisis regarding green agriculture authorization among consumers.

The system models of VeChain blockchain-based NB-IoT solutions mainly includes Sensor, MCU, NB-IoT Modem, Remote Server and VeChain IoT cloud platform.

1) VeChain adopts the BME680 environment sensor from Bosch Sensortec to perform a precise measurement of the air quality, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity and ambient air temperature.

Below is the major functional parameters of the sensor:

In addition, the SHT20 moisture-temperature sensor is also an alternative choice by being inserted into the ground.

2) MCU initially processes the collected data regarding temperature, moisture and air pressure, obtains relevant information regarding time and GPS from the Modem, conducts data packing and ensures the integrity of the data by using digital signature technology. All data will eventually be transmitted to NB-IoT Modem through NB-IoT Network.

3) NB-IoT technology supports HTTPS protocol, and thus it ensures the data security during the transmission process. Then MCU will transmit the encrypted data to the Remote Server.

4) Once receiving the data, the Remote Serve ensures the authenticity and integrity of the data by conducting verification through deciphering and signature-cracking process, save all valid data on the Cloud platform, and presents all data related to the terminal users through visualization methods like diagrams and bar charts.

NB-IoT ecosystem is currently forming through an unstoppable trend. As one of the biggest advantage in the new era of IoT, NB-IoT will bring revolutionary change to the IoT world. The integration between IoT and blockchain further combines the advantages of each other and will surely bring tremendous business opportunities for all industries.

*More VeChain Activities*

VeChain has recently signed a Project Co-operation Agreement with Dr. Zhu Rui from City University of Hong Kong. With the abundant study experience in relevant fields like the establishment of enterprise economical models, enterprise management, risk management, Dr. Zhu provides research and consulting services for VeChain Foundation regarding the establishment of foundation terms, regulations recommendation, economical model and the top level design of consensus mechanism etc.

VeChain has launched “Get Your Drink and Pay VEN” activity for VeChain Japanese community meet-up event. Community members can use VeChain tokens on site to purchase liquor products. The debut show of VEN payment is set to provide precious experience for the payment and settlement of VEN by relevant service providers for the future VeChain ecosystem.

VeChain Foundation


VeChain Foundation

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The VeChain Foundation is a non - profit entity established in Singapore.

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