How To Fix Wireless Router Internet Connection

Troubleshooting your wireless router for smooth internet connectivity is definitely a tough task. Whatever the issue that you are facing with your wireless router, a little bit of fixation can help you to get it to function until the company professionals reach you. Currently, some service providing companies are giving units with router plus modem set-up and in some cases your router and modem might turn out to be the same thing.

Where to start fixing your fixed wireless internet router?

  • You might want to start with a slow reboot of the device. If the web pages are loading slowly and there’s a massive network problem, then a steady rebooting of the router might solve your problem. Though this is not always necessary, but some router models need occasional rebooting to keep them working smoothly. However, if you are rebooting regularly, then you might want to call your internet service provider as this might indicate instability of the router manufacturer firmware.
  • You should also check if the device is overheated. Checking the temperature of the router should help you determine if the router needs some break. If the router is too hot, then make sure that it gets sufficient airflow. Further, ensure that the router is not placed in a location where it’s too hot. Overheating is one of the causes of instability and substantial damage to the router.
  • Please ensure if the cables are connected properly. This may seem like an utterly stupid thing to do, but at times this can also be one of the reasons of problems with internet connection. In fact, not just the power cables for router plus modem, you also need to analyze the cable connecting the router to your modem.
  • In case you have problems with Wi-Fi signal, then you might benefit from router repositioning. You must ensure that nothing absolutely blocks the signal of the wireless router, especially, if you have microwaves and cordless phones nearby. You must also reposition the antennas vertically, instead of horizontally.
  • In case you stay in a residential complex with loads of apartments owning wireless routers for internet connectivity, then the chances of your router experiencing hindrances from other routers is very common. Here you can change the wireless channel and shift to a better functioning one, rather than struggling with a congested channel.
  • If you are more confident then resetting the router to its default factory settings can be a helpful solution. In the case of issues with configuration, resetting the router to factory settings should be the last resort. However, this would mean reconfiguring the router and setting up a username and password again.
  • There are an endless number of things that you can actually do to fix issues cropping up with your Wireless Internet service providing device. You might as well want to check if there’s any other device that functions on the 2.5GHZ band so that you might shut it down to prevent connectivity problems with your wireless router.
  • You might as well change the channel used by your router (and Wi-Fi adapters). This can be done from the setup controls of the fixed wireless internet device. Usually, this is done by going through a program installed on your computer during installation of router. This must be done manually. The problem mainly arises with the default setting as majority vendors invariably choose a common channel.

Just follow these points and get your connection fixed!

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