An impressionistic history of the South Asian subcontinent — CHAPTER ONE: Post 1

This is a lengthy writing that has been in my mind for a long time. I have already done a lot of writings. Most of them are in English. LINK

I do get to feel that most of the items mentioned as ‘Indian’ history as seen in formal academic textbooks are falsities. History professors who get around Rs. 75000 per month would be able to write so many things. They will have ample time for such useless activities. Even the Indian pages on Wikipedia have come to become their possessions.

It is not easy to write things which can repudiate their claims. One would have to spend one’s own time and money for this.

Even if one writes, it is quite difficult to bring these things to the notice of others. And beyond that, if at all this is brought to the notice of anyone, it is quite difficult to make them read long articles. This is so because an immensity of writings is coming out every day.

Among all such writings, the most repulsive ones are the so-called PhD Doctoral Thesis. Most of them are mere useless activities, without any particular use or intelligence. Even though these things do not come into the notice of the common man, in the locations where specialised subject talk is going on, these create a huge low-quality clogging.

This writing is going to be commenced with the full understanding of these issues.

It is my desire to continue this writing every day. I have no idea if I will be able to do that.