How we taught dozens of refugees to code, then helped them get developer jobs
Gijs Corstens

I did not read the whole article. Only the heading.

If the contents are in sync with the heading, it is one of the most stupid and anti-national article on the subject.

I write from the South Asian subcontinent. I have been witness to one of the most criminal economic acts done by some quite sinister minds in the native-English nations.

Teaching exclusive and fabulous technical skills, the kind of which had never been seen in recorded history to competing economic powers and nationalities, is stabbing in the back of one’s own countrymen.

If this kind of economic activity had been done in such nations as China, India etc. in most probability, the persons concerned would have been hanged forthwith.

In my own nation, I have seen an attempt at collecting some leaves from the local forests by some scientists from abroad as igniting a hysteria in the local media. It was reported that the foreigners were thieving the local DNA resources.

Coding is not difficult to study. In fact, these kind of things are quite easy compared to learning other skills like carpentry &c.

It goes without saying that within a few years, most of the economic activity connected to this field will be taken over by the outsiders. And the local workmen will be treated in the same oriental manner, as slaves.

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