The mind-blowing AI announcement from Google that you probably missed.
Gil Fewster

I do not know how to explain in very few words.

Language is not exactly a mere means to express and convey ideas and information. It is actually some sort of a software coding or software application that has a lot of other items encrypted into it.

Not only the designs of a social structure, but even the anthropological aspects of its speakers are encoded in it.

As to Google being able to translate between languages, the first item, (presumably known to Google Engineers) is that certain languages like English are planar, while many others are ‘feudal’ or 3-dimensional virtual arena’ code languages.

Most of the Asian languages are the latter, that is feudal. When translating between English and feudal language, there are many powerful frill items that might need taking care of.

For instance, a mere simple sentence, ‘Where are you going?’ in English when translated in the feudal languages of India, literally can be split into a number of levels of YOU. This splintering of YOUs can literally convey a lot of social information in a single sentence.

Beyond that there are quite powerful tangible powers in these kinds of indicant words. In fact, when the wrong word is used on a person who mentally cannot accept it, it can have the effect of delivering a hammer blow on the individual.

When such hammer blows are endured over the years, the very facial expression and other demeanour can change or contort.

The essential question would be, do the Google translation takes care of these aspects?

For it is a very well-known item that when terrible sentences are translated from feudal languages into English, the terribleness gets erased in the English version. For, the unacceptable levels of YOUs, HEs, SHEs, &c. (from an egalitarian perspective) gets converted into a very innocent looking You, He, She &c.

There is no way to convey the total oppressive versus ennobling codes inside a sentence in Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu etc. into an English translation. For, English has to codes which can accept them.

The theme is huge. I can request the author of the article to check the following books on archive dot org:

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