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Pres. Obama (Archives)

When Obama was elected president of the US some eight years back, I, (non-white, non-US) was quite happy. I did mention this happiness in some of my writings of that time.

Obama had the feel of an Englishman in a black skin. The fact that his mother was English truly helped.

However, over the years, my feelings got erased and crushed. Obama was the very anti-thesis of everything ‘English’.

He represented Africa in all ways and everything. He seems to act with some kind of vehemence towards everything created by pristine-English inside the USA. Something similar to: ‘after me the deluge!’

It is true that he did improve personally as the president of the US. However, the fact is that everyone in this world improves dramatically with a connection with pristine-English. Even the greatness of the US, and all other native-English nations is due to the pristine-English content in them.

Anyone who gets a chance to associate with pristine-English would improve dramatically. That is a universal truth, known all over the world. And anyone given a chance to occupy a powerful position in an English created system gets a fabulous opportunity.

However, there are certain responsibilities that go along with it. One of them is to see that the antique English systems are not made to go into ruin. That English systems are promoted and disseminated.

The occupier should not ‘carnivore’ on the refined systems. He should be a protector of what he was allowed to occupy.

Obama was an error in the history of a very wonderful English nation. May be there are lessons to be learned in running the machinery called ‘democracy’. Democracy should not be allowed to run riot inside a native-English nation, to the extent that rank outsiders can take siege of the nation and systems.

Obama has simply stood as a powerful stand-post on the pathway for the desecration and destitution of the US. If this policy had continued for another ten more years, the nation would have become a vassal state of such terrible social systems as seen in highly feudal language nations such as Bangladesh, India, China, Korea, South American bananas &c.

In fact, within another ten more years, the national borders would have vanished and the native-US citizens sold as social slaves all around the world to various levels of bidders.

It is true that millions of rich people in third world nations would be sad to see Obama go. For, he was the hope for them to enter into the US. After being the instruments of exploitation in their own native nations, they were on the verge of entering the US to continue their ravaging.

It is great to see that providence has stepped in at the right moment to insist that enough is enough.

I speak from an insight that began in around 1989. Check this.