I’ve been trying to lose weight now for almost eight years. And I still don’t know how to do it.

We’ve all been there. We get motivation. We push ourselves. We pay for the membership and go for a week. We see our weight. Some of us even run crazy on the treadmill. And it’s going good. We are eating healthy. We talk about how great the gym is.

And then something happens.

Could be an exam. Could be a breakup. Could be laziness.

But we stop. And we think “yeah it’s cool I can continue later”. But more likely, we don’t. We aren’t getting time. It’s not a priority anymore.

I’ve had three instances of intense exercise, where I have stopped afterwards.

Age 14.

The first time I went to the gym. I had a crush on a girl and I wanted to impress her somehow.

I ran that summer. Twice a day for almost two months. Running at 12 mph on the treadmill was a huge pain. But the intensity paid off, and I lost weight.

I went for it with my heart and soul.

But, I stopped once school started.

Age 16

Weird age. You have to plan so much for college, while building yourself up as a person. It was my favorite year.

Skip two summers, I decided to run around the park instead of using the treadmill. This was fine. Except it was blazing hot as well. And for some reason, I wore tight t-shirts that made me sweat even more. But I ran anyways.

And I saw results after those two months.

But, I stopped once school started.

Age 18

I graduated school! I had six months before college started. Six months is a lot of time. I used all six of those months for learning and working out.

I told myself:

“This is the only time I have. I can’t exercise like this afterwards.”

I worked out six days a week, coupled with cricket for another two hours with school friends. I lost 15 kgs in those six months, without any real control of my diet. I just skipped the heavy dinners.

This time, I didn’t stop, initially. I kept at it during college. However, when I started writing for another website, I gave up those exercise hours for the articles. I fell into the classic trap again without realizing what I did to myself.


Intensity helps. You’ll see results slowly but your muscles need to be activated.
“This is the only time you have” — this thought can spur you to action.
Pace Yourself. I do this now to build up consistency.

I am a person. With commitments, weaknesses and waning willpower.

What is working for me now, is setting aside certain days for working out. I don’t go everyday. Sometimes, not even on the same days. But I aim for consistency.

When we fail, we decide the gym isn’t for us.

And you could be right. The gym is not for everyone. If you don’t have the time or your body can’t handle the stress of the weights, then you aren’t doing yourself any favors.

But, if you can cut time for yourself. Not even for all the days, just pick a few. Control your schedule.

In short, pace yourself. Be patient, but intense with your workouts. Take help from the internet, but don’t drown in the information. Try to be consistent, then focus on those gains.