Indo-Western Fusion is the New Fashion Statement for All Occasions

The word conventional or traditional very easily gets associated with Indian occasions. However today fashion concepts are largely dominated by the art of fusion. Fusion is fashionable and since today’s men and women will not like to be tagged as old fashioned, indo-western gets popular. Herein lies the importance of fusion or indo-western outfits.

With the introduction of indo-western there is no reason why you should still remain old –fashioned. Recently, Lisa Haydon has posed wearing a heavily gold embellished body suit which is quiet an inspiration for those who are looking for a bold and beautiful look on any occasion or social get togethers. The modern generation rules with their stunning looks.

Accessories play a great role when it comes to breaking the tradition and hence special attention should be given to the perfect accessories paired with the suits to give it a complete look which will actually create the difference. Many Bollywood divas like Shilpa Shetty has really been inspirational for promoting unconventional /indo-western looks successfully.

Here is a list of the top stunning indo-western fashion trends that can be followed religiously to be tagged as the ultimate fashionista

· Combo outfits are trendy wherein the family members and relatives carry the same color in any social gathering

· Variants of neon colors can really create a difference unlike the traditional colors

· Digital prints are well accepted now

· Along with the neon colors, the traditional colors like red, pink, off white and cream are also well accepted as popular colors for indo-western suits.

· Designers like Tarun Tahiliani, Abu Jani, Sandeep Khosla can be followed for setting trends in the relevant industry

Finally it can be said that old styles and patterns are rapidly getting replaced by the growing fashion demands of the new generation. Hence take a thoughtful decision and set your own trend by selecting from the wide range of indo-western suits like gowns, semi-formal wears and tunics available in the market. Special mention may be made of which is taking revolutionary steps to change the fashion world for good with its wide range of collections of indo-western suits.