Tamper Proof Bags — Perfect Security Partner

Have you faced customer complaints of empty mail bags? Or tampered envelopes on the receipt?

With the increasing reliability of online ordering, increases threats and cases of loss and theft of valuables.

However, it is very difficult to detect any handling in a normal package. Those who work daily with packaging and packaging experts can easily handle without leaving traces of doubt behind.

Fortunately, this can be corrected as well as obvious packing elements that clearly show if anyone even tries to handle it.

Tamper proof packaging bags are manufactured in such a way that they offer total security and complete protection against valuables inside. Here are some interesting facts and features of our proof packaging products:

Tamper Evident Seal

The most important characteristic that an anti-tampering envelope must have is the “reverse” seal. Once the envelopes have been sealed, any effort or act to open the envelope will show that the envelope has been tampered with or attempted to open it.

Barcode and Sequential Numbering

The second most important feature is the barcode label and the sequential sequential numbering on the envelope. This helps to follow the envelope while it is on expedition. This is in addition to the barcode shipping provided by the courier companies. These bar codes are usually present twice. One is available on the envelope and the other on a removable receipt that can be registered. In the event that the bar code number and the consecutive number do not match, they are not accepted by the recipient and reported as an envelope violation.

Tear-off Receipts

The tear-off receipt includes a record of the documents in the envelopes, copies and the parties involved in the documents. Obvious envelopes with secret documents and other valuable documents usually contain tearing receipts with them. Usually, a number of documents and pages of documents sent are also mentioned on the slip.

One place to open

Once the envelope is packed by a gasket, there is only one point from which the envelope is to be opened, for example, at the bottom of the envelope there should be a space , Highlighted by a mottled line indicating “cut here” with a chisel symbol. The opening of the envelope from any other place can be mixed for modification and the tempering of the same must be taken into account.

Tamper Evident Graphics

The burglar-proof envelope features anti-burglary design graphics on the front, back and sides. A unique combination of image of its brand images and their logos, for example, grid or online images. So that if there is a cut or someone is trying to stretch or heat, the bag lines do not line up. The graph ensures that the envelope has not been altered from the house to the destination.

The aforementioned non-slip covers are widely used in the market. Packing Supply brings proof packaging products with different features and properties, available in many sizes. So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and order online at vedangpolyflex.com

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