Smart Home Automation Control System

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A smart home has the ability to fully adapt to its environment, letting you to be in full command of its functioning, wherever you are. It is easy to be in control when you have Pert’s home automation systems. Our intelligent and user friendly app will help you seamlessly integrate your home automation system with your smartphone, giving you complete control of your home, from the comfort of your palm. With features like time scheduled events, the Pert app can help you carry out routine tasks,which otherwise would be time consuming.


Pert’s integrated home automation system uses information from all the connected devices and switches in your home, and sends you alerts when excess energy is being used or an appliance is not performing efficiently. Using this vital information, you can monitor the energy usage of your home, and make necessary enhancements, thus saving you energy and money in the long run.


Smart home security systems like Pert make your home more interactive and protected, keeping you aware of the relevant information so you don’t have to worry. Pert’s wide range of smart products like plugs, sensors and switches allow you to automate your home/office, effortlessly and efficiently. From fire alarms to gas leaks and intrusions, a smart home powered by Pert keeps you aware all the time, no matter where you are, through real-time notifications and alerts.


Pert home automation systems are helpful in delivering the roles of connectivity and efficiency at your fingertips. At Pert, we strive to bring to you affordable and intelligent solutions for your home automation needs. A smart home powered by Pert adapts to your requirements whether you are single and living in an apartment or live in a big house with your family. Pert is here to make your life smarter and simpler, one device at a time.