Numbers and their relationship to the universe and individual lives have intrigued men and women for centuries. There is a system based on single-digit numbers from 1 through 9 known as ‘Numerology’ which affects your behavior and decisions in life. Every number symbolizes a distinctive attribute, and there are many messages in numerology about your soul and what it has designed for you in this lifetime.

There is numerous benefit of knowing numerology. Some of them are:

· By studying numerology, a person can understand his/her strengths and weaknesses and the reason behind make certain choices in his/her life. It also determines the romance and relationships compatibility in the life of an individual. It gives an insight of what the people involved expect from each other in a relationship.

· Numerology affect lives by influence, people’s self-determinism and decisions take precedence. It can be used to reveal likelihoods and tendencies of a person.

· It is a great tool for revealing personal characteristics. The more you know yourself, the better your position to make intelligent and correct decisions. Numerology can also explain why we might find some activities thrilling and others not interesting.

· Numerology could also identify exactly when challenges as well as opportunities will occur throughout a person’s life.

Numerological numbers can be the life guide for your life and can help you to prepare for the future events you have to face. A deep knowledge regarding the numerology can be studied at the ‘Institute of Vedic Astrology’.

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