Method of Wearing Emerald Stone

green panna

It is hard to take one’s eyes off a bewitchingly beautiful Emerald gemstone. The hues emanating from all its facets, especially when held against brilliant light, are mesmerizing indeed. Now, if you are urged to possess such a stone, no matter what the cost, by a competent astrologer, you may deem yourself as very lucky!

What are the rituals to be followed while wearing an Emerald or Panna ring?

To begin with, obtain a genuine precious stone by browsing several online stores. Some websites, such as, are extremely reliable. It would be good to make your purchase on a Wednesday. This day should fall within the first fortnight of the month, that is, Shukla Paksha or the cycle of the ascending moon. In case, you are not able to do so, go in for a Friday purchase. Your Panna must weigh around 4.5 carats at least.

Once you have the gemstone, please have it mounted onto a gold or silver ring. Ensure that the ring has an open back, for it is important that the Emerald remain in constant contact with your skin.

Which Wednesday are you planning to wear it? This day should fall within Shukla Paksha, that is, the first fifteen days of any month. Furthermore, the time for donning the ring is early morning, two hours after sunrise.

Having noted the time for wearing your gemstone, you may proceed with the next step. Some astrologers advise you to soak the ring in a mixture of pure honey, milk and pure water, for half-an-hour or so. Others request you to soak the ring in raw cow’s milk first for 30 minutes or so, prior to rinsing it with pure water (should have been placed in a copper vessel overnight) or Gangajal. Either method is fine. Lighted incense sticks may be moved over the liquids. Use circular motions of the hand.

When you are ready, sit down on a green-coloured mat or asana. Face Northeast, East or North. Now, place your emerald-studded ring on a green-coloured cloth. Ensure that you have drawn a Mercury yantra or a numerical yantra on it, with the aid of saffron or red sandalwood paste. Offer lighted incense sticks and flowers to Lord Mercury. Chant “Om Bram, Brim, Braum Sah Buddhaya Namah” 108 times.

Finally, wear the ring on the smallest finger of your right hand.

Why are water, Gangajal, milk and honey considered sacred?

Hinduism demands spiritual cleanliness and a pure mind before proceeding with any kind of ritual. Pure water purifies, gives life and destroys evil forces.

The River Ganges is the most sacred river of India. Naturally, its waters are splendid for purification processes. Gangajal washes away all past sins and initiates a new beginning in one’s life.

Milk and pure honey are representations of fertility and abundance in one’s life. They bring divine blessings with them. As a result, all wishes will be fulfilled.

Keep your Emerald gemstone away from acids, harsh chemicals and heat. Remove it while bathing or cooking.